Government Employee Discounted Novated Leasing for State and Federal Government Employees
All Novated Leases include
The best thing about a Novated Lease is the payment each fortnight covers everything to run your car.
  • Get discounted fuel
  • Use a fuel card for convenience
  • Up to 15% off on servicing
  • Save up to 15% on tyres
  • Discounted insurance
  • Pay no GST on registration

Why choose a Novated Lease?

A novated lease can make running your automotive life easier and it’s much more cost effective. You create a slight reduction on your regular pay in return for a maintained car, some of which you can pay for in before-tax dollars. These deductions result in paying for your car's running costs including the finance, fuel, maintenance, registration and insurance.

What other benefits does a Novated Lease have?

The benefits for Novated Lease drivers are on-going through convenience, discounts and savings on all parts of running your vehicle. When you have a novated lease you don't need to pay cash for your car expenses. You’re provided with a fuel card that is used to pay for fuel and maintenance. Your regular payments also include the cost of registration and insurance so when they fall due, the provider will pay them for you. There are no inconvenient, unknown surprises. A Novated Lease provider will also source the most competitive price on your car using their fleet buying power.


How does a Novated Lease work?

A novated lease is an agreement between you, your employer and the provider. You enter into a finance lease and a second agreement called a novation agreement is used to transfer part of your lease payments to your employer. Once an agreement is in place your employer deducts money from your wage and the deduction is used to pay for the vehicle. This allows your car to be treated like a company car which normally provides income tax and GST savings to you.

What about Salary Packaging?

You have a choice in where you source your Novated Lease to make sure that you get the very best deal in the market, it’s our job to help you get that deal. We have helped thousands of people around Australia get the best price on their novated lease and have also helped with setting up the salary packaging with their employers chosen salary packaging provider.

How long is a Novated Lease?

You can select to a lease a vehicle from anywhere between one to five years.

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